Limit Bandwidth by Domain Name

I have found a way to limit upload/download speed for specific domains using Mikrotik. I will demonstrate the steps I performed to achieve that.

What’s technically going to happen is:

1- Collect all IP addresses for the given domain name (such as
2- Identify the connections that are active to that domain.
3- Mark the packets for those connections.
4- Queue those packets and limit their speed.

First, we need to create a firewall filter rule. Go to IP, Firewall to create one.

  • Chain: forward
  • Protocol: tcp
  • Content:
  • Destination Port: 80,443
  • Action: Add dst to address list
  • address list: youtube-auto

Now go to Mangle and create:

  • Chain: forward
  • Dst Address List: youtube-auto
  • Action: Mark connection
  • Connection Mark: youtube-connections
  • Passthrough: true

Now create another rule with:

  • Chain: forward
  • Connection mark: youtube-connections
  • Action: Mark packet
  • Packet Mark: youtube-packets
  • Passthrough: false

Finally, for traffic shaping:

Go to Queues and create a new queue:

Target Upload/Download Max Limit: 128k (or any value)

Packet Mark: youtube-packets

Now when you open, you’ll realize that the queue is being used, and the maximum speed is around the set value.