How to create an IP pool

IP Pools allows you to specify client IP ranges for use with special service plans.

To create an IP pool:

  1. Click:

By default there are two IP pools:


  1. Click:

  1. Input the name of your IP pool, the IP ranges, and type:


note: there are two different types available.

Online: Allows subscribers to use the internet.
Offline: Used when a subscriber is blocked/expired.

  1. Click Next, you will see a list of your routers.
    You can set a different range for each router.
    By clicking the add range button, you can add multiple ranges for the same router:

  1. The local address is the Server IP that appears on the client side.
    The default is and it doesn’t need to be changed.

  2. Click image

To assign an IP pool to a service plan click here.