How to Configure Rate Limits?

How to Configure Rate Limits?

I try but I can’t.

120M/120M 130M/130M 130M/130M 30/30 4 120M/120M
Unlimited internet with a guaranteed speed of 120 megabits
With these settings, the client receives 120 + 120 = 240 downloads + uploads
I want the client to get a total of 120 megabits but to have a burst of 130 megabits in 30 seconds

Hello @asteryx

Mikrotik still supports burst functionality but it is useless with higher speeds.

Burst was mostly to improve the browsing experience not much else. If you’d like, check here my detailed answer about burst:

Back to your question, you may just set it to: 120M.
Simple and clean.

On another note, would you be interested in contentioning?

Only 120M what will it do with the other options.
rx-rate[/tx-rate] [rx-burst-rate[/tx-burst-rate] [rx-burst-threshold[/tx-burst-threshold] [rx-burst-time[/tx-burst-time] [priority] [rx-rate-min[/tx-rate-min]]]]

120M is translated by Mikrotik to:

The other fields are not needed.

If you’d like to read more about it here: