How to change local ip address of user

hi dear admin of zima
sir .i want to ask u. how can i change local ip address of user b-coz there is no option in new zima

thanks for your feedback!

could you please share a screenshot from mikrotik.

and more details on what is the issue you are facing. What you are expecting and what you are seeing. Anything that makes the request clearer.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply


how to chagne local address of user from zima

same problem with me, i want to change to a another IP but i cant do it, if i do manually the Zima reset to the & no way on WEB interface to change it there…

Hello everyone,

We have set as default IP to simplify the setup. This is considered a hidden internal IP that doesn’t need to be changed.

Can we discuss your use cases via chat support?

We will adjust the feature as needed.
Feel free to contact us at anytime.

Have a good day!

Where should I apply if I want to change IP?