Holsel price is less then

holsel price is less then retail price. holsel price 200
retail price 400, in subscriber retail price is 400 also 400 will deducted from blance not 200 why.

Thanks for the feedback.
I did not get exactly the idea, could you send a screenshot explaining it further?

why 400 is debited from manager ac

the concept of wholesale and retail was used as a way to give control for admin. But it should be replaced with a simpler way.

service plans price should be set in service plan and not for each manager.

This way all the managers when they renew the price will be fix and less confusing.

Here there will be two ways to control the renews by admin:
Either set a monthly limit for managers
Or a set commission per manager.

If you could share a wireframe of how you prefer it, that would help us improve this part of the software.

Also if anyone would like to share their thoughts on this topic, we appreciate it.