Framed IP issue on expired accounts [Resolved]


Issue noticed with framed ip on expired links, framed ip is set in the active-ip pool, but when the connection is expired, it should take a pool ip from expired-pool, instead it is using the same framed ip, resulting in internet access to the expired links at unlimited speed, since no queue is created for expired accounts.

Looking forward for Team Zima to resolve this issue, by making the Framed-IP ignored when connection is expired and allocate ip from expired-pool.

Workaround: Mikrotik > PPP > Profiles > Set rate-limit of all profiles-expired as 1k/1k (0/0 = unlimited/unlimited in mikrotik) after reconnect ppp client will get speed of 1k, which is next to nothing.

Hope it helps users facing similar issue.


Can you please fix this bug, I am working for a redirection of expired accounts to payment gateway.

It won’t work unless it is fixed.

Bug fixed:
When a subscriber is blocked or expired the framed IP will be removed from the ppp secret
When a subscriber is unblocked or active, the famed IP will be set again to the ppp secret


Superb, thanks for killing the bug

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