Frame ip is not working

I am trying to provide frame ip to the user, but i puts ips then network shows “Unidentified Network”
Screenshot below

Router DNS is

Hello @vinod

The screenshot does show a fixed IP setting not framed-IP. A framed-IP is configured by editing the field in zima, so that the client is assigned the IP upon authentication.

Another comment, the screenshot shows:
Doesn’t look right, replace by:

my ip pool is

When you select client in Zima main panel and edit, you can set the framed-IP there. Can you please share the screenshot of a framed-IP that you have set?

Ok good, now to make sure that the framed-ip is propagated to your Mikrotik, go to your winbox or webfig: /PPP/Secrets
and check the field Remote Address for this user. You should see the framed-ip there.