Forum categories have become more user friendly


We noticed, that the current categories distribution is a bit confusing. We have updated them so that you don’t need to choose any category anymore, all communication goes in the Community Talks. The other categories will be either for announcements, documentation or product discussions.

Old Categories

Feature: Post Feature requests and Suggestions. Other community members can vote and discuss.

Bug: Post issues and bug details with a detailed description and screenshots so we can replicate. Other community members can vote and discuss.

Support: Questions related to specific use cases or issues faced. Not necessarily a bug or a feature request.

Mikrotik Discussion: Ask questions and discuss various topics related to Mikrotik RouterOS and Routerboards

New Categories

Announcements: This is where we post our Product updates, General announcements and maintenance notifications. (This post for example)

Community Talks: This is the community channel where everyone posts first (no confusion about choosing any categories). Feel free to ask anything Networking, Routers, Troubleshooting. Pick the brain of the ISP community.

Product Discussions: This section will include the validated feature requests & bug reports, product roadmaps & release plans, Polls, Concept features & New potential integrations.

Documentation: This section will host Zima tutorials, guides, FAQs.

Looking forward to make this forum more active by moving more of the relevant communications to community talks.

We have merged the category “Product Discussions” with “Community Talks” for easier access. We Will be identifying the product discussions using tags.

Soon the forum will be accessible automatically once logged in to your Zima subdomain. Moving the product conversations to this forum is very important. It helps us prioritize the features that we work on to align with the community needs.

Stay tuned.