Failed Email notification

Good day.

Today was a problematic day. I just logged in to my main router, as i can see there was a fibre interruption on my connection from Nov/10/2023 11:07:31 till Nov/10/2023 13:19:11. i have not received any email or notification of this disconnection until now when i logged in to my router. I have checked my email it is full working and i have checked my junk folder the is no email. Can we pleas enable push notifications for this outage please.

Normally an email is sent after 15min of disconnection. We will need to trace what could be the issue.

On another note, the router disconnections log feature will be helpful in this use case (still not released, working on it). It displays all the disconnections and for how long they lasted.

What do you think of this feature, good? and if you have any further suggestions that will make this feature more helpful let me know.


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