Duplicating IP addreses

There is no option to allocate an ip pool to a specific router in zima.
The issue I had, the same ip pool is sent from zima to two different routers and clients IP addresses were being duplicated between the two routers as router 1 does not know that IP was already assigned in router 2

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So as discussed, the solution for this use case for now is to edit the IP pool in Mikrotik. As long as the sync router button is not called or the IP pool is not edited from Zima side, it will not resync and will not override your settings on router so you’re good.

On the other hand, the concept of router-specific pool is useful in this case.

When adding/editing an IP pool in Zima:
Possibility to add, edit IP ranges will still be the same. But will add the possibility for router-specific pool. This means, that the same pool name will be manifested differently for specific routers.

Anyone have faced something similar, how are you dealing with it so far and what do you think about the proposed solution?