Data Protection and Server Redunandcy

Hi Zima peeps, could you let me know the following (if possible):

  • How safe is our data?
  • If Zima Cloud Services become unavailable (for whatever reason) what happens?
  • Following on from above; Do you have backup/failover/redundant servers?

We are very interested in the product; however we obviously have to do our due diligence before moving away from existing systems and starting fresh with Zima.

Hope you can advise.

Hi There

Zima cloud works a lot easier as you can access it through internet anywhere ,
Zima also user API to login to router , whatever username and passwords and profiles you create it puts them on the
relevant mikrotik you are using , so if cloud is unavailable or your VPN to cloud does not connect ,
all the stuff is on the router , clients can still connect via PPPOE etc when connection to cloud comes on Zima will update all the data accordingly
I have been with Zima for a Long time and works very well and they are allways there to help
Hope this helps you



Hello @signa,
Complementing @Julian_De_Beer 's answer,

  • Concerning Data safety, the whole idea of going cloud is to protect from hardware failures. So far, we have implemented fair measures to protect the data systems.

  • If Zima Cloud becomes unavailable, as Julian mentioned, the authentication is federated on routers level. So users keep authenticating normally. Only Consumption logging will pause until, there’s a connection again, everything synchronizes

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

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