Create and Assign IP Pools to Service Plans


IP Pools allows you to specify client IP ranges for use with special service plans.

By default, two IP Pools are configured:
default-online:, Internet Access Allowed
default-offline:, Internet Access Blocked

You can create your own IP Pools for specific use cases, for example:

Let’s say you have a Gaming service plan, and you have already set up NAT and forwarding rules for specific IP addresses on the Mikrotik device. Zima makes it easy to assign IP pools for clients that use such service plans.

To create an IP pool, click Add New IP Pool

For every pool you can specify whether clients will have Internet access or not.
Optionally, you can set the PPPoE server’s local-address as it appears to the client.

Next, you can assign the newly created IP Pool to the service plan of your choice.