Choose a start date for monthly quota

We are a small WISP and currently have no quota management in place so after testing Zima, we will be rolling it out on our network over the next week or so.
The zima monthly quota currently runs from start to end of each month, with our current projections we believe that about 80% of subscribers would reach this around week 3 where they will get a reduced rate of half bandwidth for the rest of the month. Which means that our network would not be utilised to its full potential on week 4 until the month resets.

Is it or would it be possible to be able to set a month end for subscribers on a specific date for example: one third of the users would have a month end on the 1st of the months another third on the 10th of the month and the final 3rd for the 20th.
This way we could get more value from our infrastructure ?

Did you try setting custom expiry date and then renewing from that day.

Currently i am using it in same way, where 50% of client have 1st as billing cycle and rest at 15th as billing cycle, henxe optimized usuage of nerwork.

Thanks for the reply, That’s exactly what i am looking for but I don’t see that option.
Can you provide more details please. Also does it auto renew ?

Login using admin account and not user account
Select PPP client > edit > subscriber tab > expiry date.

Use custom expiry date and renew on that date for profile set to 30 days validity

Hope it helps

Also auto renew feature not present at the moment, hopefully once payment gateway is implemented should be done.

I dont seem to get that option ?

That’s because you have not logged as admin, you have logged using reseller credentials,

Aha!, It turns out that if the duration option is not ticked in the user plan then it is not available under the subscriber.

@hssindigo Must you manually reset all the subscribers then each month ?

Luckily I have been adding subscribers as and when they have come to 15th and 1st so it’s continuing like that.

For your case I think you will have to do it for each subscriber

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Thanks hssindigo.
Adding them individually is not a big issue, what happens at the end of the monthly cycle bothers me, are they automatically blocked or does the monthly counter just reset as I have no price on the service plan ?

It won’t reset,
You have to select the subscribers and hit renew, they will be renewed as per duration set for their plan.