Can Mikrotik show the ppp failed password in log?

Hello community,

Is it possible to customize my PPP server in Mikrotik so it shows PPP failed password attempts?

Radius usually has a table that logs the failed attempts. I’m trying to replicate that in Mikrotik.

Does anyone find it useful to check the logs of failed auth attempts?

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Thanks for reaching out.

Mikrotik log does display the PPP failed attempts but it does not display the passwords.

Being able to see the Mikrotik logs live from ZIMA.
For example one page in ZIMA where all the routers logs could be monitored and filtered by router, by log type, etc.

Hello community, let us know if interested in ZIMA router logs feature. Please add your suggestions and comments to this thread

Hi Zima,
I would love to see Zima act like a complete syslog solution itself.
NAT Logs, PPPoE Logs, Router Logs - Everything.


Yes i always look at my logs to determent the problems.

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Noted :white_check_mark:
The log center is a feature that needs to be there. We will be working on that soon.


Noted :white_check_mark:

Thanks for your feedback guys, keep them coming.

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