Can i create unlimited speed service profile for special users?

Can i create unlimited speed service profile for special users?

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Yes by setting a high value for example 1000Mbps.

Let us know if this answers your question and feel free to ask any other questions.

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I’m using pcq queue type, ZIMA creates a simple queue rule. So I thought if possible to remove the speed limit to remove the simple created by ZIMA.
is it possible?

Ah ok got your point, let me think about it :thinking:

If your pcq rule is on top of the queues list, then ZIMA simple queue won’t interfere with your setting. Would this work for you?

yes its works…fine but i dont want to any other simple queue rule that created by zima…if possible

not possible for the following reason:
the simple queues will be needed later by ZIMA after implementing DHCP and Hotspot functionality. They will serve as counters for bandwidth that will be displayed in the graphs in ZIMA.
But on the other hand, we will provide contention and specific speeds for cache sources.
For example: 3Mbps for GGC(youtube), 4Mbps for FBCDN (FB videos), 6Mbps for Netflix, and 2Mbps for real (for ex. Zoom call).

As for contention: There will be contention groups for example: 1:4, 1:8, 1:12
A service plan is assigned to a contention group. It will distribute all the available bandwidth for your users. And during peak time, each contention group will give its users the respective priority.

Would this functionality work for you? maybe PCQ won’t be needed if you use this feature.

Let us know what you think

The problem i have experience is that the PPPoP for my clients is maxed out at 200Mbps. Im sure it is a limitation on the protocol. will try again if i upgrade to Router OS 7

That’s correct, it is a protocol limitation. That’s why upgrading the router version wouldn’t help concerning this point.
If your bandwidth requirements per subscriber are higher than 200Mbps then the PPP would be better replaced by DHCP protocol it will solve your problem.

By the way, now the IP pools and system are simplified and ready to support DHCP. We will be able to implement DHCP soon.
Let us know if you are interested in adding DHCP soon.

Wow that is a feature i will look for. i have some clients looking for 200 to 400mbps lines. and that would help me alot.

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Noted :white_check_mark:

Any other users interested in DHCP please comment or like the post. We need to discuss everything openly in the forum from now on.
So please participate and give your opinions so we prioritize accordingly because the features possibilities and fixes are so broad that we could delay some high prioritiy ones.

Let us use this forum for that purpose. So ISPs that need DHCP please comment or like the post as a start.


If you could create a whiteboard for the Zima forms like a roadmap. we could help you @support.zima on what feature to add or to work on. maybe would could make some suggestions or recommendations.