CAF id proof add

Please add option to upload caf ID proof in portal.

Is this the same as discussed here?

This field?
National Identity Card Number

Will it be a number (text value)
or a file attachement that accepts formats such as JPEG and pdf?

Your feedback is appreciated. Other ISPs interested in uploading similar documents please share your feedback.


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not in numbers. need 3 file to attached in jpeg format. 1 photo of user and both side image of ID card.

Noted :white_check_mark: Thank you for your feedback.

So we need:

  1. Photo ID (JPEG)
  2. Identity Card [side1, side2] (JPEG)

Good enough? Let me know.

Other ISPs please share your feedback if you need this feature. Like the post and comment with your feedback. We need more participation in the forum, so if you are an ISP using Zima please participate in the forum, it is important. Thank you.



this very important.

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any update on this? this is very important for isp like us. we keep hardcopy but soft copy much needed.

This is a positive way on making sure you have all the relevant info. Can we have a way to add a document from the client also so if we get asked from authorities how is this client.

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any progress on this ?

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