Automatically enable routers?

I have noticed if a router is off-line for some time it is automatically disabled.
I don’t understand the usefulness of this function can this be explained please.

Also we live in an area where we can lose power to our remote routers for many hours and sometimes days when a storm passes through. Can we turn of the auto disable router function as it will be time consuming to check the Zima portal continually to re enable routers that have been disabled due to power outages?

The routers get disabled after they have been offline for 6 hours.

This measure was implemented because the router needs to be connected to work properly. Slight disconnections are not a problem but more than 6 hours, it means the ISP needs to be aware of it and take action.

This is a real show stopper for us as we add a router per user site using the Mtk 750 Router.
Most of our school sites and also lodges will power down at 6pm and power up again around 7am. This means that we will have a flurry of support calls around 6-7am each day as we struggle to re enable all of the disconnected routers to restore internet at the schools.
This is already becoming a burden with the 3 demo sites as we need to get up early 7 days a week to attend to the disconnected routers.
As the schools project may extend to over 700 Routers, how do you suggest that we handle this?
Please help us to understand why you would not want the routers to automatically reconnect after a power outage?

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