Automate CSV creation

For me it would be a really handy feature to automate and schedule the production of CSV’s and then email them out. The reason is that these are imported to our billing system. Would anyone else benefit from this? Could this be added to the feature request list?



Hello Andy,

Nice idea. Would you elaborate more?

On another note, the email notifications feature is next on our roadmap.
We can leverage it to add the possibility of sending the csv list on a specific day of the month.
Let us know of any further details about this feature.

Hi support,
Sorry for the delay in replying but I will elaborate;

Currently on the last day of the month I download a CSV for each reseller containing their PPP Username, other contact data and Framed IP. This CSV is then imported into our billing platform to produce and distribute bills for the end users.

It would be great If it was possible to automate this. If I could say when a CSV is created, choose which “Columns” are contained in the CSV and get it emailed to an address this would improve things for me.

I don’t know how other users mange their billing but if others could benefit from this as well it would a a feature I’d be grateful for.

ANways many thanks for reading, all the best