API / webhook for Accounting software integration

We’re basically trying to integrate it with our accounting software to keep track of our income and subscription revenue. So if we get user data via API it will be great.

For example, Get user details and recharge users using API post method or edit user data. That’s all

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Hello @kazi, thanks for your feedback!

Noted, by the way we’re currently working on our billing feature that will allow to send invoices, receipts and payments tracking.

Also releasing the notification feature that will allow sending emails, sms, whatsapp, telegram, web push.

Once notifications feature is released, it will be possible for us to extend it with webhooks that could send JSON data upon trigger events.

I think this would answer your use case.

Hope I could answer your question


Can that API integrate with this gb whatsapp I found while searching.?

Thanks Albert for sharing. We will explore this one too.

Does anyone have any specific API integrations that would like to share too?