Additional IP Address

Hi, i am looking for some help.

We have a mikrotik which is setup to work with Zima Cloud. All users are connected via PPPoE and have external IP Address but i need to know how to give a PPPoE an additional external IP address.

On the Zima cloud service it only allows me to add 1 external ip address but i need to give a user 2 external ip address.

can anyone help?


Purpose ?

Why u need to give two IP?

Are you a WISP ?

we have 2 public web servers that we need to connect. so we need to give 1 pppoe connection 2 public address, currently via zima portal we can only give them 1.

Hi just to give an update

on the mikrotik if i go to IP -> Routes and in here if i put a route in and change the gateway to be the PPPoE session all works fine. but if the PPPoE connection re-start it doesnt remember the setting and i have to go back into the route and put the gateway back to be the PPPoE Session.

if there away i can get it so i dont have to do this all the time?

Hi, is there anyone that can help me with this issue?

Hi Sanchezuk,

Can you provide a schematic of what you have and what you’re trying to achieve?
It’s unclear why you’re routing through the PPPoE session.


Hi Thank you for your email

Our internet connection has multi public ip address, we use users connected they draytek router on site to our MikroTik by using zima pppoe radius. some of our users need to have more than 1 public address, on Zima i can only assign 1 public Ip address to 1 PPPoE session but i need to assign more then 1 public address. i need to give 1 PPPoE connection to have 2 public ip address, how can i do this?


If they had a mikrotik on their side give them a second pppoe session and do 1:1 Nat ?