Add Hotspot and payment gateway integration

Please update with Hotspot and Gateway options. Paystack is a very popular payment Gateway here in Nigeria and the market for Zima is huge if these options are quickly implemented.

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Thanks @shagawa for the suggestion. We will take that into consideration and will update you soon about those two features.
Have a great day!

yes hotspot support and paystack payment gateway will be a great game changer here in Nigeria. Had hoped for the paystack to be complete by now. @support.zima please any update?

Thanks Kingsley for the feedback. We still need to organise a few parts in Zima billing section before starting with the Payment gateway integrations. Paystack and M.Pesa integration will be prioritized.

Great to be here , for us in Kenya Mpesa is the way to go. We use Mpesa in everything. Zima will have many ISP here

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Thanks Zach for the feedback, noted

Speaking of payment getaway integration, there is an informative article by Cleveroad about that.