2 Routers & 2 Zima Clients on same network

Hi we operate a network here and have been using Zima with one router( for the past few months.
Zima online pool is with a gateway of, and all the clients have framed IP address’s

I am trying to move move some clients to a second router but will we have issues as now when we install Zima on the second router the Zima pool will also be with a gateway of which will lead to a conflict on the network ?

you can create a new pool in zima and asign it to clients

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How do you assign a pool to certain clients in zima. I don’t see this option.

A pool is assigned on the level of Service plan. If you want to assign a specific pool to a certain group of clients, you create a new service plan and select the new pool to this service plan. They will get this pool when they connect.