Zima vpn error and connect and disconnect

zima vpn disconnect and login/logout automatic from few hours
and when i past zima script in new terminal… script also error

What is your RouterOS version 7.12?

We received similar feedback about this bug that happens with 7.12 version. We are working on it.

Meanwhile you could downgrade to a lower routerOS version, it works normally.

Let us know about your routerOS version.


Update: The 7.12 is fixed now.

You could check it again and let us know if you have any other questions.

Just to let you know we had the same issue with 7.12 on a temporary replacement router. Once the router was downgraded to 7.11.2 all worked as expected. Will replace router (probably tomorrow) and new router will have 7.12. Will let you know how that goes.

Nice work getting a fix out so quickly :+1:

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Thanks for letting us know, much appreciated.
Great then, looking forward for your update about the routerOS 7.12

same problem on 7.12
still exists!
Any solution available???

7.12.1 to be precise