Zima Quota Control



This feature allows the control of ratelimits upon reaching certain consumption thresholds. It could switch a ratelimit or even block and switch pool. This feature can serve many use cases, for example slowing the ratelimit after a certain consumption level is reached, or limiting the ratelimit during a certain time of the day or on certain days. You may create as many rules as necessary.


Adding a Quota Control Rule starts by clicking on the button Add Rule.

Each rule has a name, a set of conditions, and an action.


You can set up upload and download limits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

For example: “Daily Consumption, Download, 1 GB”, means that the condition passes if the client download reaches 1 GB.

Time Of Day:

If the time of the day falls in the specified From-To time range, then the condition passes. An example use case is a rule Double-speed that doubles the ratelimit after midnight.

Day Of Week:

This condition passes if the current day is one of the selected days. For example, use this condition to block internet access for offices during the weekend.


There are 2 types of actions that can be applied to a client:

Block: Blocks the client from accessing the internet.
Switch: Changes the rate limit of the client to the one specified in the input.

Learn more about configuring rate limits here.


Use the interval to specify the time of the day you want the consumption to be accounted.

In the above example, bandwidth consumption will be taken into account between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM (blue area)

You can also specify when to reset the daily quota by changing Day Starts At.

Duration refers to the service plan duration before expiry. That can be an amount of days or months.

How rules are applied

Each rule is tested for each client. If all the conditions apply, the action of that rule is performed, and the rule name is displayed along with client details.


In some cases, the conditions satisfy more than one case, and therefore more than one rule could be applied. When this occurs, the last matching rule (lower to the bottom) is applied.

If you want a rule to have priority over other rules, place it at the bottom.

In order to sort the rules, click grey header area, and drag up or down. You can press Escape while dragging to cancel.

After finishing the rules, you need a quick way to test those rules and see how they interact in different scenarios.

Click ‘See the rules in action’ button to activate the simulator and test your rules.

Learn more about the simulator here.

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