The Consumption Simulator


This tool is part of Zima Quota Control.


Use this tool to simulate internet usage for your customers and see which Quota Control rule applies for every situation.

You can combine multiple values to see which rule applies under certain conditions.

Click ‘Test Rules’ to test. The result will be the name of the rule which will be applied.


Let’s assume that the default user speed is 1M

In the following example we will test 2 rules.

First rule is Doublespeed: Give the user double the speed (2M) between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM

Second Rule Day_Half: When the user exceeds 600MB download AND 200MB upload, drop the speed to 512k.

In the simulator, let’s set Daily Download slider to 700MB and Upload to 300MB.

The result is Day_Half. This is because both conditions in that rule are satisfied: The user has downloaded more than 600MB and uploaded more than 200MB

Let’s reset values and set ’Time of day’ to 3:30 AM and test.

The rule applied is Doublespeed.

Now let’s try both scenarios together: Set time of day to 3:30 AM and Download to 700MB and Upload to 300MB.

Upon testing, the rule applied is Day_Half, since this rule is further at the bottom.

So if for example the order of the rules changes (Doublespeed at the bottom), it will take effect. To change the order of the rules just simply click on the header and drag up or down.

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