How to add a rule in Quota Control


On the right hand side of your monitoring page,

  1. Go to Settings, click on Service Plans:


  1. Click on your desired Service Plan, for example here we have chosen Serviceplan1:

Note: the rules column is currently empty.

  1. Go to Quota Control, click on Add Rule:

Each rule has a name, a set of conditions, and an action.

  1. Add a Rule Name

Conditions include:

  • daily, weekly and monthly consumption limit, and you can even specify a Time of day or Day of the week for consumption limit. Learn more.

As an example, we will select a monthly consumption limit.

  • upload and download or both as Up+Down


Here we have selected Up+Down

  • Specify the value of the consumption limit in the image box. For example, “50”

  • Specify the unit GB or MB, here we will select GB.

Once set, it should look like this:

Finally, select the action to these conditions.Learn more.

  • choose between image or image

As an example, we will select image.
To image, specify the new speed.

Here we specified a rate limit of 512k:

  • Don’t forget to click image.

Final Note : if you go back to image, on the right hand side in the imagecolomn, you can find our added rule.

To Learn more about rules, Click here.

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How to specify a condition in Quota Control
How to specify a condition in Quota Control

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